Adana Integrated Health Campus Preparation of Technical Proposal
(Adana, Turkey)

Preparation of Technical Proposal for the tender of “Construction Works and the Provision of Products and Services for Adana Integrated Health Campus Project through Public Private Partnership Model” 

from May 2011 to Oct 2012


HAN Technical Consultancy, in a JV with leading member SAMSUNG C&T Corporation from Korea and Studio Altieri SpA from Italy is short-listed for the tender for the Work of Construction Works and the Provision of Products and Services for Adana Integrated Health Campus  through Public Private Partnership Model from the Department of Public Private Partnership of Ministry of Health of Republic of Turkey.

Further, HANTEK, apart from its membership duties in the JV, was selected under a pre-bid consultancy agreement, as the party to prepare and coordinate the services for technical proposal of the JV in association with Studio Altieri SpA. 

Adana Integrated Health Campus Project includes construction and operation for 25 years by the investors of an health complex consisting of Main Hospital, Rehabilitation Hospital, High Security Criminal Psychiatric Hospital with a total 1539 patient beds consisting of 574 bed General Hospital, 182 bed Oncology Hospital, 348 bed Woman’s and Children’s Hospital, 185 bed Cardiovascular Diseases Hospital, 100 bed High-Security Forensic Psychiatric Hospital, 150 bed Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Hospital together with Administrative Buildings, Social Facilities, Sport Centre, Medical Hotel, Convention Centre and Shops, on a flat land of 233.000 square meters allocated to the Ministry where Main Hospitals and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Hospital of the project will be executed on and on another land of 132.584 square meters (a suitable plot of land located on the site of Dr. Ekrem Tok Adana Psychiatric Hospital) where High Security Forensic Psychiatric Hospital will be executed on in the province of Adana.

Services which were be provided by HANTEK together with STUDIO ALTIERI for the international JV shall be composed of preparation of a New Design Proposal where necessary, architectural reports and drawings, Design Improvement Reports on Segregation of Flows in the Hospital, Functional Areas, Expandability, Building Orientation, Energy Saving and Hotel services together with all associated concept designs of other engineering disciplines, such as electrical, mechanical, structural, fire safety and security, IT, medical gases, material distribution, waste disposal, medical equipment, landscaping and related technical reports, technical specifications, bills of quantities, all with contemporary techniques and with the utilisation of sustainable and renewable energy, conservation and saving of the environment considerations.