Ethics, Policies and Beyond

The professional approach

HANTEK Inc is a full member of the Association of Consulting Architects and Engineers in Turkey, TMMMB – a FIDIC National Member association. HANTEK Inc subscribes to and believes that FIDIC principles are fundamental to the consulting profession and operates exclusively in accordance within the stipulations of a formal code of ethics upheld internationally by FIDIC.

HANTEK Inc is in the opinion that a professional conduct in line with this code is mutually beneficial to the consultants and the clients everywhere, and that a fairly competitive and trustworthy consulting sector in countries such as Turkey can be created, if and only if funding organisations, government offices and companies could be more responsive to the stipulations of this code and all that it implies.


FIDIC, the International Federation of Consulting Engineers, represents the international business interests of firms belonging to national Member Associations of engineering-based consulting companies. As such, the Federation represents the business interest of firms supplying technology-based intellectual services for the built and natural environment.

Founded in 1913, FIDIC membership today numbers 64 Member Associations representing some 560,000 professionals. Individuals do not belong to FIDIC, except as national Correspondents in countries that do not have a national Member Association.
FIDIC’s policy on issues relevant to the conduct of consulting engineers can be found at its formal website


International Federation of Consulting Engineers, FIDIC

All member associations of FIDIC subscribe to and believe that the following principles are fundamental to the behaviour of their members if society is to have that necessary confidence in its advisors.

Responsibility to society and the consulting industry
The consulting engineer shall:

  • Accept the responsibility of the consulting industry to society.
  • Seek solutions that are compatible with the principles of sustainable development.
  • At all times uphold the dignity, standing and reputation of the consulting industry.

The consulting engineer shall:

  • Maintain knowledge and skills at levels consistent with development in technology, legislation and management, and apply due skill, care and diligence in the services rendered to the client.
  • Perform services only when competent to perform them.

The consulting engineer shall:

  • Act at all times in the legitimate interest of the client and provide all services with integrity and faithfulness.

The consulting engineer shall:

  • Be impartial in the provision of professional advice, judgement or decision.
  • Inform the client of any potential conflict of interest that might arise in the performance of services to the client.
  • Not accept remuneration which prejudices independent judgement.

Fairness to others
The consulting engineer shall:

  • Promote the concept of “Quality-Based Selection” (QBS).
  • Neither carelessly nor intentionally do anything to injure the reputation or business of others.
  • Neither directly nor indirectly attempt to take the place of another consulting engineer, already appointed for a specific work.
  • Not take over the work of another consulting engineer before notifying the consulting engineer in question, and without being advised in writing by the client of the termination of the prior appointment for that work.
  • In the event of being asked to review the work of another, behave in accordance with appropriate conduct and courtesy.

The consulting engineer shall:

  • Neither offer nor accept remuneration of any kind which in perception or in effect either a) seeks to influence the process of selection or compensation of consulting engineers and/or their clients or b) seeks to affect the consulting engineer’s impartial judgement.
  • Co-operate fully with any legitimately constituted investigative body which makes inquiry into the administration of any contract for services or construction.

FIDIC Policy Statements