Events Diary for Turkey


Academic and professional conferences announced to be held in Turkey are listed below (occasionally, other local events are also included). The list does not cover medical sciences and other highly specialised topics (for a detailed list please visit conference alerts).


December 2018
5th International Art Craft Architecture Congress Konya
 7th CUI ’18 / VI. International Contemporary Urban Issues Conference Istanbul


February 2019
7th International Conference on Computational Method in Applied Sciences, Engineering and Information Technology. Istanbul
 15th ECOLOGY STUDIES ’19 / III. International Conference on Ecology, Ecosystems and Climate Changes Istanbul
21th Advanced Peripheral Interventions Course (APIC 2019 Meeting) Kayseri


April 2019
20th 4th International Conference on Civil, Environmental, Geology and Mining Engineering (Icocem 2019) Trabzon


May 2019
2nd ICTE 2019 – 2nd International Conference on Energy and Thermal Engineering: ISTANBUL 2019 Istanbul
4th 2nd International Conference on Basic and Applied Science, Engineering IT and Design Research Istanbul
8th The Paradigmatic City (IV): Transforming Cities Istanbul
9th 2nd International Conference on Contemporary Affairs in Architecture and Urbanism Alanya
23rd  The 7th Multinational Energy and Value Conference Ankara


June 2019
14th CPUD ’19 / VI. International City Planning and Urban Design Conference Istanbul
17th 4th Eurasian Conference on Civil and Environmental Engineering (ECOCEE 2019) Istanbul


July 2019
6th Dynamic Challenges in Business, Engineering, Science, & Humanities Research (BESHR-19) Istanbul