Prospects for Strategic and Project-Based Partnerships


Although it was founded in 2008 and due to its previous involvement when it was in ANTS Int’l body, HANTEK Inc has ability to cooperate with numerous local and international consulting and professional organisations, as well as with several national universities for professional training, research and development.

The principal business of the Company is focused on services, singly or in association with local and international partners, in architectural and engineering design, and in engineering and management consultancy. The Company is capable of offering services in all development stages of a project, starting from conceptualisation to commissioning, including identification through techno-economic formulation, feasibility and sensitivity analyses, architectural and engineering turnkey services, and other related services.

HANTEK Inc is specifically oriented to provide specialist services in concept development, design, delivery, assembly, engineering setup, and tailored strategies for project management and restructuring programs. In coping with client interests, the corporate policy is to establish and sustain long-term relationships with clients, to demonstrate an uncompromised service excellence, and to provide best solutions that can competitively be acquired in any market.

In its current development phase, HANTEK Inc partner intend to offer his accumulated local and regional knowledge, project management expertise and proven business record, to suitably qualified prospective strategic partners and/or project associates, for mutually beneficial initiatives and ventures in local and international markets.

In the most general sense, prospective corporate partners are expected to possess outstanding communication and administration capabilities, and excellent corporate backgrounds with a high degree of relevant specialisation and commensurate professional assets for

  • professionalism, integrity and cultural sensitivity,
  • reputable international experience in partner-led initiatives and action plans,
  • competitive strength in levereging strategic development and positioning perspectives,
  • skills and experience to achieve collaborative and participative goals towards sustainable performance-based management services,
  • specialisation in providing value-based leadership and support for creating and developing strong and healthy environments.

Interested international and local corporations are kindly invited to contact HANTEK Inc on the subject of strategic/project-based partnering or other professional cooperation possibilities.