HANTEK Inc, History and Current Standing


gnl_staff_01HAN Technical Consultancy, Engineering and Architecture Co. Inc. is an expert service company generated from ANTS Int’l to basically deal with consultancy works. HAN, with its partner’s comprehensive experience since 1978 and accumulation of knowledge of its technical personnel since foundation of mother company ANTS in 1995, alone or in cooperation with ANTS or other companies will provide full spectrum of consultancy and engineering services for the construction industry either in Turkey or abroad. 

HANTEK Inc is a company that offers services, singly or in association with local and international partners, in architectural and engineering design, and in engineering and management consultancy.

In spite of a recent economic crisis in the country and sustained political instability in the region, HANTEK Inc has been able to accomplish a healthy level of growth. Today the Company has a permanent and project staff of around 10, and enjoys a pool of around 50 affiliated experts and part-time professionals who frequently contribute to proceedings in meeting contract requirements.

– The company maintains a roster of distinguished members of the academia and key experts for short and medium term assignments. HANTEK Inc has consistently demonstrated rigorous adherence to professionalism, transparency, reliability and quality-consciousness to its clients as well as strategic partners.

HANTEK Inc has consistently demonstrated rigourous adherence to professionalism, transparency, reliability and quality-consciousness to its clients as well as strategic partners.

Organisation and Expertise


ofisankHANTEK Inc offers a wide range of multidisciplinary consultancy services forplanning, design, and project management and supervision. Right from the initial stages of any project, the Company works in full collaboration with the clients and their representatives as well as with all other associates involved in the project, and delivers its services at a highly professional standard and in complete compliance with client specifications and binding requirements of all relevant regulations and codes. 

With regard to planning and design, HANTEK Inc offers consultancy services for recreational facilities such as hotels and resorts, residential buildings and commercial facilities. All core services rendered are complete in the sense that they cover architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical and infrastructural works, ranging from preliminary design surveys at one end to detailed application designs at the other. The Company aims to deliver the most appropriate solutions by focusing on all conceivable parameters of functionality, aesthetics, economy, environment, energy and user comfort.

With regard to project management and supervision, HANTEK Incoffers consultancy services for the realisation of all types of projects designed by the Company itself or by others. Furthermore, the Company has extensively been involved in management and supervision of large-scale projects for mass housing, urban rehabilitation, infrastructural and environmental works, etc. In this respect,HANTEK Inc has accumulated a high degree of expertise in a geography of highly mobile populous settlements on tectonically active zones.



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