Born in 1953, he graduated in civil egineering from the Middle-East Technical University in 1978. He started his professional life as field engineer, quantity surveyor and cost engineer for Ergani Cement Manufacturing Complex project by Aksa AS in Diyarbakir.

In 1979-80, he worked as deputy site manager for Misurata Iron and Steel Manufacturing Complex site implementation Project in Libya by Cavusoglu-Kozanoglu Ltd.

He was a founding co-partner and technical manager for Doruk Ltd engaged in defense and educational infrastructure projects during 1981-85.


In 1986-1995, he worked as manager of cost engineering and quantity surveying initially for MNG Gunal AS and later for MNG Holding AS where he also served as a deputy director and technical coordinator of several infrastructure and superstructure projects.

In 1995, he became founding co-partner of ANTS Inc and director of engineering consultancy, project management and CAD&MIS operations.

In 2008, he became founding partner of HANTEK Inc and director of engineering consultancy, project management operations.