Prospects for Working Together


Career prospects in the consulting profession

A significant volume of consulting portfolios is motivated directly or indirectly by global and national efforts and pledges to build and share solutions to the challenges of poverty reduction, crisis prevention and recovery, energy and environment, health and education, information and communications technology, and democratic governance.

Few career options offer a better platform for future success than consulting. It’s the ideal initial career move. Normally, targeted professionals are graduates (preferably with a post-graduate degree) from a variety of backgrounds with above-average academic achievement in engineering, computer science, information systems, business management, economics, finance, accounting, statistics, human resources, international law, etc.

Consultants are invariably expected to possess strong interpersonal and communication skills, ability to work efficiently as team members as well as independently, adeptness in learning new concepts, and proficiency in computer software applications.

More specifically, they have to be well-disposed to be able to

  • take on management responsibility for initiatives and projects through team-building and staff development
  • match opportunities and technological challenges with business requirements articulated by client organisations
  • provide support to knowledge management through modular database-driven web applications and protocols
  • develop, promulgate and enforce intelligence tools and application standards for data analysis and executive information systems
  • utilise instruments of public and private sector information bases
  • provide cost effective and innovative technology solutions to business challenges
  • implement tools of change management, re-engineering, outsourcing and decentralisation
  • establish an enhanced performance and learning culture to develop and utilise performance metrics
  • adopt best practices for standards compliance, performance and quality assurance
  • improve productivity-oriented corporate technology standards by capturing user interface guidelines and recursive modes
  • enhance communication, innovation and creativity through effective human resources management and cohesive team-building
  • ensure agility, transparency and accountability through results-based programme management, coordination and technical backstopping

In parallel to such a wide range and depth of professionalism expected of consultants, effective language proficiency is an absolute requirement that cannot be waved under most circumstances. A consultant’s technical as well as cultural command of his/her native language should be impeccable. A second language is almost always required to be able to participate in internationally sponsored projects; but it will be a liability rather than an asset if it is below an advanced level.

Professionals with fewer qualifications than outlined above are needed from time to time for temporary or project-based support functions. Employment opportunities in this regard are frequent though it must be stressed that the consulting sector does not create such jobs in high volumes.

Scarcities and deficiencies in the supply of highly-qualified expert professionals, as is the case in most developing economies with low educational standards, may sometimes drive consulting concerns to lower their employment standards which is hardly commendable in a dynamically changing and globalising work environment. This is currently a most demanding challenge for the consulting profession in most corners of the world.

In this general framework, senior consulting affiliations are usually aided by comprehensive roster bases. But more routinely, positions are competitively filled with long-term/short-term full-time/part-time contracts.


HANTEK Inc roster of prospective senior affiliates

In agreement with the general outlook and approach described in the previous section, HANTEK Inc maintains a roster of prospective senior affiliates in associated fields of expertise within its range of operations.

Suitably qualified local and international professionals who would like to register their professional interest in this roster may present their qualifications by filling and submitting the following form.




Adobe Reader is required to view, fill in and forward the form the latest version can be installed by way of the link provided

open the pdf form in full (6 pages) in a new window in order to either fill in and submit it online, or save to do likewise offline


It should be emphasised that this is not an application form (although it may be requested from applicants for certain vacancies announced on this website). HANTEK Inc reserves the exclusive right to reply to or contact the submitter if and when an opportunity deemed suitable arises. The Company may choose to verify stated levels of computer literacy and language proficiency before deciding to establish a permanent or project-based affiliation.
HANTEK Inc will not transfer any personal information in this document to third parties without express written consent of the submitter.


There are no vacancies in any of the project teams currently assigned to the ongoing projects. When a new appointment is to be made, announcement is made on the main page of this website with detailed job specifications below.