ISMEP, Schools in Istanbul
(Istanbul, Turkey)

Consultancy Services for Design and Reconstruction Supervision of Schools in Istanbul within the scope of İstanbul Seismic Risk Mitigation and Emergency Preparedness Project (ISMEP) for İstanbul Governorship Special Provincial Administration, İstanbul Project Coordination Unit (IPCU) in association with Studio Altieri S.P.A. 

since july 2012

The purpose of project is to demolish existing 47 schools in İstanbul to reconstruct new ones since existing buildings are found economically infeasible to retrofit and also existing buildings do not functionally satisfy required demands of Provincial Directorate of National Education. Within the framework of the project, HANTEK shall prepare the designs, tendering documents for the schools construction contracts and provide consultancy services for construction supervision and defects liability period. Design and construction works of the schools shall be performed in three groups. Services shall be completed in 32 months and also services for the Defects Liability Period (12 months) shall be provided by the Consultant. New specifications for structures to be built in earthquake areas published at Official Gazette in 2007 together with its recent revisions shall be also taken into consideration during design. Supervision services during the implementation of works and supplies contracts will be provided thus ensuring the high quality of the works to be undertaken.