BESG School
Additional School Building and Various Repair and Renewal Works for the British Embassy Study Group (BESG) School Located within the British Embassy
(Ankara, Turkey)



for British Embassy Study Group (BESG)
since june 2010 (expected finish date september 2010)

Preparation of a description of the required works, site measurements etc., preparation of draft sketches for the site works, preparation of the required technical specifications, preparation of the contract for the works, evaluation of tenders, preparation of a evaluation report, supervision and checking of the contractor’s works on site if required (provisional)construction of a double storey prefabricated school building and construction of necessary connections, construction of a semi closed pedestrian access between the new prefabricated building to be constructed and the existing school building, renewal of asphalting of the school road, painting of external walls, construction of a staircase and a ramp from the kindergarten hall to the garden, repair and renewal of open play grounds