The EC Delegation For The Revision Of Pre And Tender Documents For Setting Up Reception And Removal Centres
(Ankara, Turkey)



for EPRD Office for Economic Policy and Regional Development Ltd. / EC Delegation
since January 2009 (expected finish date, January 2010)

The overall objective is assisting EC Delegation (ECD) in its efforts to support Turkey in the development of a modern asylum and migration system in line with human rights requirements, with international and EU standards. ANTS as the sub-consultant of EPRD, shall assist EC Delegation for ECD’s ex-ante approval of the works and supply documents and tender dossiers of the projects:

1. TR 0702 17 “Establishment of a Reception, Screening and Accommodation System (Centres) for asylum and refugees”

2. TR 0702 16 “Combating Illegal Migration and Establishment of Removal Centres for Illegal Migrants”

The experts of EPRD and ANTS, working as a team, will be responsible for conducting a quality/consistency check on all deliverables of the Technical Assistance submitted by the CFCU to EC Delegation for endorsement. They will review, provide comments and check the quality of the dossiers and participate in discussions to be held between the ECD (related Task Manager and Financial Management Section) and relevant stakeholders. Following these discussions the recommendations/comments of the experts will be communicated to the CFCU by the ECD.

The experts will check the inception report, monthly progress report, detailed feasibility study, technical specifications and relevant parts of the tender dossiers as they are submitted by the TA to the ECD for evaluation and approval. A copy of full tender dossiers will be sent to the consultant. The experts will prepare a report including their remarks on specific issues and a market research for the works and equipment.